Established in Petrich in 2014, Fashion and Beauty provides a wide range of trendy skin care, nail, and haircut services. With a team of highly experienced and skilled stylists, we strive to reach beyond the roots (of hair), and the refinement of one’s core self.

Offering the latest and most trendy solutions for the most common skincare concerns, we deliver visible results while using natural and organic ingredients.

We are glad that each year more and more people are turning towards natural ingredients for their skincare needs, and we have the unique chance to harness the natural potency of plant-based ingredients. Simplifying our skincare routines and minimizing the risk of reactions to harsh chemical substances is what makes us modern and riding the wave of every latest trend.


Our team understands the great importance of quality products and commits to the effectiveness of Fashion and Beauty's services. We are tireless when it comes to the pursuit of excellence by acting professionally and focusing on long-term results and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our aestheticians are all trained in house to ensure you leave our salon with smooth and flawless skin. Striving to bring clients the healthiest and safest method of achieving flawless skin, we provide them with a service that makes them satisfied from the first visit.

If you are looking for an exclusive beauty experience, we are the right people that can provide it to you!

Mission, Vision, Values

Fashion and Beauty strives to provide a heavenly experience by creating a relaxing environment in which our beauticians can give their best to create the most beautiful haircuts, nail designs, and take the best care of our clients' skin. We also specialize in special occasion hair and nail styling that transforms our guests into glowing goddesses. That's because beauty comes from within. We always work with honesty, integrity, and respect aiming to please our clients' needs.


It is our professional duty to ourselves, to our team and to our guests to show transparency in communication, and have team-wide clarity. We know that we are responsible for our own words, actions, and results. That's why we strive to tell the truth, keep our promises and stay true to our ideals.


We believe that success is the outcome of consistency and honesty performed in a socially ethical, considerate and trustworthy manner.


Our team is committed to holding up our reputation in providing excellent service to our guests, no matter what. We are always ready to do whatever is necessary to exceed standards in making sure that our guests are leaving our salon satisfied and in a good mood.


We take pride in maintaining a healthy environment as a whole. As a modern salon dictating the latest beauty trends in our town, we feel obliged to make our guests feel like they are in the cleanest beauty space they have ever been, feeling completely comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit.